About Three Eagles Productions

Three Eagles Productions was founded in 2004 by Tijuana Layne to call attention to relevant social issues of violence, race, gender, ageism and abuse, with the primary focus on gender stereotypes. Our work is created through the comprising various groups of people with diverse age, gender, culture and sexual orientation. By bringing together an artistic community, we collectively develop and produce works with a unique articulate language for film. We are always open to inviting other professional artists to merge with the vision of Three Eagles Productions.

Tijuana Layne is the driving force behind each production lending her strength as an actor she offers an unique perspective. Three Eagles Productions success is due to embracing talent from all ethicies cultures and backgrounds.

A glossary of our previous films:

  • In the Name of Love
    an erotic story of a woman's sexual journey through S/M and intimacy

  • Need
    a story of a woman dealing with sex addiction

  • Weight of Tradition
    a social commentary on society through dance, and the contrast between freedom and confinement

Three Eagles Productions has completed 5 films which are:

  • Feast of Souls
    which is on domestic violence and how dance can heal the soul

  • Blue Hearts
    the story of 2 damaged people, a soldier coming back from Afghanistan with PTSD and a prostitute

  • The Interrogation
    is the teaser for the feature Swimming in Vanilla Dreams

  • The Corridor
    a film about the battle between good and evil and faith

  • The Mute Swan
    set in 1930's eastern Europe is a story of a young Roma woman's journey to freedom

Tijuana is in production with Still Roses in Winter which is a story of homeless people fighting for love and humanity. This production is through Three Eagles Raw which is an adjunct to Three Eagles Productions providing opportunities for emerging artists.

Tijuana Layne and Three Eagles Productions are at present working with a New York-based producer for the feature film Sad Eyes which is one of the screenplays written by Tijuana Layne in line for production 2015. Tijuana Layne has written 3 feature screen plays listed as:

  • Swimming in Vanilla Dreams
    set in 2051 a story of racism in the future

  • Blind Embrace
    a provocative raw account of a mixed black heritage woman's struggle to overcome a psychological and emotionally abusive relationship

  • Sad Eyes
    a story of biracial woman caught between grief, love and the brutality of the human trafficking trade

Through all these stories, Tijuana tells the experiences of biracial women through film. Her unique vision and way of telling the story brings a fresh perspective to these women's lives.


Tijuana Layne after founding Three Eagles Productions has successfully wrote, acted and produced 9 films and is CEO and Artistic Director. Her driving force is to offer opportunity to other people of colour and those who are often marginalized in this industry.

The issue of Shadism and identity is often a launching point of discussion in her films. Ms. Layne is a woman of colour and her experiences allows her to bring a unique honesty to her work. Ms. Layne portrays the restrictions of race and social constraints through her acting and the effects these have on individuals in society, expressing these stories powerfully without compromise.

Her films give voice to those who do not have that opportunity to express their experiences. During this period Ms layne has also written three feature length screenplays, Blind Embrace, Sad Eyes and Swimming In Vanilla Dreams. Sad Eyes will be going into production 2015, Blind Embrace and Swimming In Vanilla Dreams will follow soon after.

Three Eagles Productions will continue to break ground pushing the boundaries to bring exceptional films of truth to the market.

— Tijuana Layne   TijuanaLayne.com